Neuroscience has shown how individuals tend to be more effective and successful when they are valued by the use of their natural abilities.

The BZG Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA) is designed to help individuals improve their effectiveness, their collaboration skills and their general well-being, through a better understanding of their own strengths.

The BZG Thinking Styles Assessment report shows the individual's natural preferences and how they have been adapted or deviated in response to the environment demands..


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"It is the best at showing adolescence and adulthood, in detail, much insight through the assessment. The most valuable thing is the exercise of self-awareness in each one, to discover their preferences and where they are falsifying type.
It has impacted the development of our people by providing an accurate notion of their strengths and learning to ask for the necessary help in that they cannot do fluently or simply that it does not come naturally and involves a lot of effort".

Tania Osorio V.
Director of Human Resources for Chile and Sales Latin America - Procter & Gamble

"The BZG Evaluation is among the instruments that have contributed most to the knowledge of the candidates (internal / external) and with greater correlation with the information obtained in the evaluation interviews.
It has contributed in the identification of his abilities and limitations, contributing in determining the most suitable area and position according to the characteristics observed in the profile. I recommend it".

Paula Ebner
Selection Manager

"The assessment of style of thought has allowed us to better understand the leaders and teams, the way they think, how they communicate and coordinate actions. It has allowed us to understand how from the difference each team member contributes and complements, taking advantage of the best of each style.
It is a tool that helps us that the management of human talent is an organizational capacity since it makes it possible to advance in the knowledge of oneself, in addition to the knowledge of the team for its development and management".

Human Talent Team Sura - Corporate Latin America

Assessment characteristics

The BTSA is the only evaluation that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of the natural thinking type, allowing the evaluated person to achieve better health, physical and emotional.

Bases each profile numerically for greater specificity.

It highlights the unique contribution that each Thinking Style provides to life based on the neurophysiological foundations on functional specialization.

Uses non-judgmental tags that identify the brain region that seems to be responsible for each function, which make it easy to see all four thinking types as equal.

It reveals the extent to which auxiliary and weak types have developed.

Structure exploratory discussions and maximize ideas by identifying changes in the way the individual uses their brain.

Student Profile

The BTSA is a model based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s theories, which provides valuable information about human behaviour from a neuroscience perspective, being very useful for executives, consultants, therapists and anyone interested in guiding others to achieve better performance, quality of life and well-being.

In work teams, the model helps leaders to understand in a better way the team members’ concerns such as perception, motivation and job satisfaction, as well it is a way to effectively address team difficulties such as achieving goals, cohesion and leadership.


People gain a greater understanding of how they evaluate different situations and how they act accordingly, which makes it possible to generate strategies to improve communication and relationships in general. They also understand how to experience the state of "flowing"; based on the efficient mastery of the natural strength of the brain, to achieve optimal performance..

The BTSA does not label people, it does not have good or bad answers, the individual manages to apply the results obtained in his own life in a useful and novel way. It has a great impact on awareness, and on the generation of development plans.

Benefits for Work Teams


In the Teams Development, the BTSA provides valuable information as well, since it maps the competences of each team member and shows the areas of greatest strength and weakness. With this information you can perform analyzes, establish strategies to balance the vision and plan the incorporation of new members to complement the team


The BTSA can contribute to the company:

Raising self-knowledge

In the improvement of communication

In the improvement of positions profiles

In the recruitment processes

In the formation of highly efficient teams

In the coaching processes

In the creation of retention plans

In the design of competency models

In the decrease of rotation

  In the design of career plans