Neuroscience has shown how individuals tend to be more effective and successful when they are valued by the use of their natural abilities. The BZG Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA) is designed to help individuals improve their effectiveness, their collaboration skills and their general well-being, through a better understanding of their own strengths. BZG Thinking Styles Assessment YES, I WANT IT! SHOW ME MORE
It is the only tool that links the skills that describe the profile of each evaluated person with their natural talents. Detects improvement area of the individual, the team and/or the organization and allows to recognize the performance of each of the evaluated person according to their different behaviours and skills required by the organization and the particular position. YES, I WANT IT! SHOW ME MORE
Defining a life project is something that can generate distress, and it is not always done successfully. Percentage of university degree dropouts and career changes show that decisions in this area are often not based on the knowledge of the personal strengths; but rather on reactions to the social or family context, which cannot be sustained over time. YES, I WANT IT! SHOW ME MORE
The Consultant Certification holder is fully accredited to apply, interpret and provide feedback on the BZG Assessment all around the world. The BZG Thinking Styles Assessment evaluation is an innovative tool that provides information on human behaviour from a neuroscience perspective. International BZG Thinking Styles Certifictation Level 1 YES, I WANT IT! SHOW ME MORE